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Yes. This is a service we love to do because servers are our specialty.
This all depends on the type of recovery that's needed. In most cases, if a clean room is required for recovery, the cost can exceed 2500+.
We do not hold inventory but will special order parts for clients if requested.
Yes. We offer remote support for anyone in the United States for a flat rate which is determined after information is collected about the request for support.
We have been in business since Since 2004.
Microsoft has stated it will be retired in the second half of 2015. It is important to migrate to Windows 8 before this happens to ensure security is kept in check.
Yes, we offer a wide range of options for data storage and backup.
Yes. We can setup audits and surveillance in some cases to help your company understand where time is wasted during the work day. It is important to note that your employees may be entitled to a signed agreement before this can be implemented properly to protect both parties.
Yes. This is a very common request and can be done very easily.
Most customers receive the standard hourly rate of 125.00 however, we offer a wide range of hour block plans that do not expire and are discounted for loyalty.
Estimates are always FREE of charge. We welcome the opportunity anytime a potential client requests an evaluation on their current network requirements.
This is a fairly painless process given all required information about your current setup and network is available. The only challenge would be if a server is running Windows Server 2003 R2 or below. Either way, we can still move forward with the migration.
Yes! This is more common then not and the process is made pretty easy once we're hired to take over. In most cases, information is provided to us by the previous IT company and if it's not available, we can transition away from them without their consent.
Often this issue is caused by your database maintenance being neglected. We can dramatically increase the responsiveness of QuickBooks with proper optimization.

Remote Support

We offer remote computer support services to our clients under their hourly rate plan. If you wish to obtain remote support but are not a client, we offer this service at a flat rate. To obtain information about remote support, please contact us today.

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